Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Donald Trump Establishes Twitter as Means of Communication for Future Presidents (VIDEO)

Donald Trump will continue to use his personal Twitter feed after taking office.

See Lifezette, "Trump Will Keep Using His Personal Twitter Account."

Now, the ladies on this morning's "Outnumbered" argued that Trump has (concomitantly) changed expectations for presidential communications in future administrations. Of course, this remains to be seen, especially since it's not clear that Twitter boasts a sustainable business model. Maybe'll the platform'll go out of business before too long.

We'll see, but those arguing that Trump should get off Twitter and "grow up" haven't grasped the fundamental transformation of politics in 2016 (into 2017 and beyond). Trump broke the normative expectations for how to win in modern politics. He not only goes over the heads of traditional media outlets (dead-tree dinosaurs), but he fights back when attacked, or when he's appalled at the terribly biased coverage. Leftists can't stand it. They still haven't grasped how badly they screwed up (and how badly they underestimated Trump's uncanny ability to tap into popular anxieties).

In any case, via Fox News, "How Trump Has Changed Twitter for Future Presidents."