Thursday, January 19, 2017

'Trump Is an American Hitler'

He's not, but these "refuse fascism" cadres are dead set on the idea.

I am literally praying my ass off tonight. I've been fearing something untoward happening tomorrow.

I watched the inaugural concert moments ago, and President-Elect Trump and his family were behind bullet proof glass. But then he got up to speak to the crowd! I'm like, he's out in the open! He's vulnerable!

I imagine there's more security in D.C. right now than there's even been in American history, even more on hand than there was for all of Barack Hussein's festivities. Will Trump get out of the presidential limo tomorrow and walk down Pennsylvania Avenue?

I imagine he will. I guess I just need to have confidence that the security is rock solid.

I blogged about the "Refuse Fascism" group earlier. Robert Stacy McCain posts a clear incitation to violence, which I can't see how that's protected speech, but whatever: "Come to D.C. Take to the streets. Do not leave with fascists in office."