Monday, March 13, 2017

CBO Cost Estimate of the American Health Care Act (VIDEO)

I think I've mentioned it, but there's a couple of core elements of ObamaCare that shouldn't be repealed, particularly the protections for preexisting conditions and the provision to allow health coverage for children up to 26 under parents' insurance plans.

Some of the other provisions of ObamaCare, especially the individual mandate, have to go. Doing so would of course weaken the law, making it easier to shift to a more market-oriented alternative. Whatever happens, though, Republicans can't just drop millions of people off the health care rolls. It's going to be political dynamite, as a number of conservatives mentioned last week (see Dana Loesch, for example).

Most of all, congressional Republicans must protect the Trump administration, to say nothing of their majorities in the legislature.

At the New York Times, via Memeorandum, "G.O.P. Health Law Insures Fewer People, Nonpartisan Review Shows."

I personally don't trust the CBO to be "non-partisan," but that's just me.

Also, at CBS Evening News: