Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I've Finished Fergus Bordewich's, Killing the White Man's Indian

Following-up, "I've Started Fergus Bordewich's, Killing the White Man's Indian."

I forgot to mention I'd finished the book, which is a shame, considering its sheer excellence.

At Amazon, Fergus Bordewich, Killing the White Man's Indian: Reinventing Native Americans at the End of the Twentieth Century.

This book should be a required introductory text for any student of Native American history. If readers start only with Dee Brown's Bury My Heart, or Vine Deloria, Jr.'s, Custer Died for Your Sins, they're doing it wrong.

Bordewich is no conservative (nor Trumpian nationalist, for that matter). But he's fair and pragmatic, and he drops a few righteous barbs onto the far-left "settler colonial"-hating scholars and commentators.

It definitely deserves a spot on your bookshelf. A great volume.

Killing the White Man's Indian photo 51bz78l5onL_zpsxjzfouhn.jpg