Friday, May 19, 2017

Lawsuit Against Cal State San Marcos Challenges Left-Wing Bias (VIDEO)

I hope this is a the beginning of a trend and we see lots more of these lawsuits.

At the San Deigo Union-Tribune, "Suit accuses Cal State San Marcos of liberal bias":
A student club is suing Cal State San Marcos, alleging the university spent nearly $300,000 in mandatory student fees this year to promote gay- and gender-equality issues, but refused a request for $500 to bring in an outside speaker with conservative views.

The campus chapter of Students for Life, a national group opposed to abortion, filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday alleging its members’ free-speech rights were violated, and the group was subjected to viewpoint discrimination. The suit also accuses the school of violating club members’ right to equal protection.

In the suit, the club argues the university’s student government rejected the funding request that would have been used to help bring in an out-of-state college professor for a presentation on “Abortion and Human Equality” this spring. The suit states that the student government told the campus club that it does not supply money for speakers fees.

However, the suit says, the student government — Associated Students Inc. — funds the LGBTQA Pride and Gender Equity centers with nearly $150,000 each a year, and that some of that money was spent this year on presentations like “Kink 101,” a talk by a local “sexologist.”

And watch, at ABC News 10 San Diego, "Lawsuit claims liberal bias at Cal State San Marcos."