Monday, May 8, 2017

Was the American Revolution Such a Good Idea?

Heh. Here's the quick Instapundit reply, "YES. NEXT QUESTION? Was the American Revolution such a good idea?":
“We could have been Canada,” Adam Gopnik says. Well, there’s a Canada right up there for anyone who wants it.
But, as good and satisfying as quick snark feels, it pays to drive the point home, that this piece, from Adam Gopnik, at the New Yorker, is fundamentally evil. I can't be more emphatic. The world today would be a much worse place without the U.S., but for demonic leftists like Gopnik, Australia and Canada are models of modern enlightened nation-states. Fuck the racist U.S. You should have been aborted, you cancer on the world.

Like I said, this is evil incarnate. Leftists are evil. Never, ever forget that.