Friday, May 5, 2017

Who Wins and Who Loses in the Latest G.O.P. Health Care Bill

The House bill would weaken federal mandates, allowing insurers to impose limits on lifetime coverage in employer-sponsored plans, which got a lot of attention yesterday.

Frankly, I'm not quite sure what the bill does exactly. It's going to lift the individual mandate, but charge you extra for initial enrollment if you've been uninsured longer than two months. And it's going to phase out federal ObamaCare subsidies for Medicaid, or something like that.

In any case, maybe this piece will help, at NYT, "Who Wins and Who Loses in the Latest G.O.P. Health Care Bill":
The American Health Care Act, which narrowly won passage in the House on Thursday, could transform the nation’s health insurance system and create a new slate of winners and losers.

While the Senate will probably demand changes, this bill, if it becomes law in its current form, will repeal and replace large portions of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). It will change the rules and subsidies for people who buy their own insurance coverage, and make major cuts to the Medicaid program, which funds care for the poor and disabled.

Any sizable change in our complex health care system leaves some people and businesses better or worse off. For some, insurance will become more affordable — or their taxes will be lower. Others will lose out on financial support or health care coverage. You can see how you might be affected in our summary of winners and losers...
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ADDED: Ignoring the dramatic, sky-is-falling headline, and the leftist bent, you get a gist of the major provisions here, at LAT, "All the horrific details of the GOP's new Obamacare repeal bill: A handy guide."

MORE: After reading around, I like the bill --- it's repealing the most reviled elements of ObamaCare, and returning more power to the states. I think we need to keep some protections for the poorest and the elderly, but we don't need the ObamaCare mandates to do that.

See additional analysis, at Heritage, "The House Acts on Obamacare. Time for the Senate to Follow Suit."