Monday, August 7, 2017

Howard Fast, Spartacus

I've been puttering around all day at used bookstores, and sometimes you find the most serendipitous things.

As noted, I'm plugging along on I, Claudius, which has been a good read, and which has piqued my already not insubstantial interest in Roman history. And while there are many good scholarly works, apparently there's a wealth of really high-quality fiction on Rome as well, many tomes of which come highly recommended by experts of antiquity.

Now, I don't know if Howard Fast qualifies as one of the great novelists of the genre, although reading around and browsing online, I've come across mention of the book, so I was startled to see a cheap copy in excellent condition while out today on my lackadaisical rounds.

There's some used copies available on Amazon as well, if you're so inclined. See, Howard Fast, Spartacus.

And here's another edition, Spartacus (North Castle Books). (Click through for a used edition, as they're so much more affordable.)

In any case, books are my hobby right now. I always read a lot anyway, but since I don't watch news anymore, I've got even more time for it. And thanks for shopping through my Amazon links, as well. It's not a very expensive hobby, but your purchases are helpful in any event. So, thanks again.