Saturday, August 12, 2017

State of Emergency Declared in Charlottesville, Virginia (VIDEO)

I was out this afternoon, puttering around for used books, as usual.

And after I got home and had a snack, I checked Twitter and saw Robert Stacy McCain's tweet, "People need to calm the fuck down."

So I'm like, "Why. What the fuck happened?"

Then scrolling through my feed I see tweets on the violence in Charlottesville. It's not good. I'd like to know who drove that Dodge Challenger into the crowd, however. Was it an antifa leftist? Who knows?

In any case, check Memeorandum, "March of white supremacists at University of Virginia ends in skirmishes."

Video here and here.

And at the Other McCain, "The #Charlottesville Madness."

And at the Rebel: