Thursday, September 21, 2017

'Crazy on You'

At the Sound L.A., from yesterday morning's drive time.

Heart, "Crazy on You":

Starting with an acoustic guitar intro called "Silver Wheels," the song turns into a fast-paced rock song that was the signature sound of the band in their early years. "Crazy on You" attracted attention both for the relatively unusual combination of an acoustic guitar paired with an electric guitar, and the fact that the acoustic guitarist was a woman – a rarity in rock music during that time. According to co-writer/guitarist Nancy Wilson, who discussed it on an episode of In the Studio with Redbeard that devoted an entire episode to the Dreamboat Annie album, the rapid acoustic rhythm part was inspired by The Moody Blues song "Question."

The song's lyrics tell of a person's desire to forget all the problems of the world during one night of passion. During an interview on Private Sessions, Ann Wilson revealed the song was written in response to the stress caused by the Vietnam War and social unrest in the United States in the early seventies.

Wrapped Around Your Finger
The Police

Black Sabbath
8:34 AM

Don't Stop
Fleetwood Mac
8:31 AM

Peter Gabriel
8:26 AM

Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd
8:21 AM

Somebody to Love
8:16 AM

Highway to Hell
8:12 AM

Crazy On You
8:08 AM

Light My Fire
The Doors
8:01 AM

Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Pat Benatar
7:58 AM

Cold As Ice
7:54 AM

The Boys of Summer
Don Henley
7:53 AM

Legs (Edit Version)
ZZ Top
7:36 AM

Rock'n Me
Steve Miller Band
7:33 AM

Black Dog
Led Zeppelin
7:28 AM