Saturday, September 23, 2017

Nelson DeMille, The Cuban Affair

I've been shying away from espionage thrillers. It's not that I don't like them. I just suppose they're guilty pleasures, and perhaps not as intellectually enriching as the literary fiction I've been reading (to say nothing of the classics). That said, I used to read Robert Ludlum back in the 1980s. Yep, The Bourne Identity, The Holcroft Covenant, The Matarese Circle, and just about all the others. I love that stuff, but I got away from the genre.

Well, I was out browsing books in Costa Mesa during the summer, and a woman asked if I'd read Nelson DeMille. I mentioned it the other day, at my earlier entry, Nelson DeMille, By the Rivers of Babylon. I've been collecting his books in paperback. I still need about four or five and the collection will be complete.

But now here comes his latest in hard-copy.

At Amazon, Nelson DeMille, The Cuban Affair: A Novel.

It looks like a page-turner!