Friday, September 29, 2017

It Shouldn't Be So Easy to Go to Grad School

Well, it wasn't particularly easy for me to to go grad school.

I wasn't funded my first year. I took loans. After doing very well that first year, the university gave me a full four-year ride: tuition fellowships, minority fellowships, and teaching assistantships, etc. I was so happy: I was overjoyed when the letter from the graduate division arrived!

In any case, I don't recommend my students go for the Ph.D. in political science, not in this job market, unless it's a die-hard dream for them, something to achieve out of love of the discipline. It's probably better to get a master degree in a professional program, like public public policy or international relations.

In any case, at Instapundit, "HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Megan Mcardle: It Shouldn’t Be So Easy to Go to Grad School: Universities are milking the huge loan sums from grad students to subsidize the cost of undergraduate degrees. This system is broken."