Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thompson May Quit!

Jonathan Martin at The Politico reports that former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson may end his campaign for the GOP nomination:
Fred Thompson made it clear at a midday campaign stop that he won't continue in the race without a strong showing out of South Carolina tonight.

"We'll see how we have to do, we'll see what the results are," Thompson said, when questioned at a small press availability if he needed to win to go forward. "I’ve always said I have to do very well here; there’s no question about that. I stand by that."

"We won't have too much longer to wait," he added.

Asked what his plans were for Monday, Thompson repeated the question: "Plans for Monday currently?"

"It depends on the outcome," Thompson admitted. "We'll see."

In his brief chat with reporters before greeting a handful of voters at Columbia's Lizard Thicket restaurant -- there were fewer of them than there were Thompson relatives, aides and members of the media -- Thompson waxed nostalgic about his campaign experience in language that suggested the end was near.

He said his spirits were up because he was joined by his wife, Jeri, and their two young children, as well as his two older sons and a cadre of loyal aides and old friends from Tennessee.

"The guys who are back over there that have been with me for so long and fought so hard for me," Thompson said, pointing to former Tennessee GOP chairman Bob Davis and a small group of advisers. "It's one big family,"

"We’ve been doing what we want to do, saying what we want to say -- the way we want to say it -- and being who we are and all together, you know, with your loved ones," Thompson reflected.
I mentioned the possibility in my morning post on Thompson's steady-as-she-goes campaign.

Photo Credit: The State