Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Freedom to Hate America

The Historian 's got an interesting YouTube up on the recent despicable (yet strangely fascinating) antiwar protests:

Here are my comments from the Historian's post:

Notice at the beginninig of the video Israel was cited in quotation marks, as "Israel." No surprise, for if these folks ever fully come to power we'd see a new holocaust in the destruction of the Jewish state.

But also, the footage contained a lot of signs advocating "backing the resistance," which means, of course, kill American soldiers, who're considered not liberators, but brutal occupiers.

I also noticed the s#*!t-eating grins on the faces of these mindless zombies. It's like calling Bush the Great Satan is some kind of late-night joke.

Finally, the flag burning at the end, as sad as it is, indicates just how free these people in fact are, which makes a mockery of their signs with Swastika's replacing the stars and stripes.

It's too much, but this is why I blog.
For your added disgust or fascination, check out this neo-Stalinist YouTube, which is more explicitly malevolent:

For more information on the varied forms of "backing the resistance" against America, check Gateway Pundit.