Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hillary is No Mainstream Moderate

One of my commenters, Tom the Redhunter, has suggested that if he had to choose, he'd take Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama:

If my only choices were Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama I'd choose and vote for Hillary hands down. Much as she's wrong on virtually every issue, she's much better than Obama, which tells you about what I think about him.
I agree with Tom, but in all of my reporting on Obama's fundamental radicalism, it's important not to forget that Hillary Clinton's still a far left-wing Democrat, and she'd take the country in a social democratic direction should she be elected.

Indeed, while I loved
her Crown Royal and beer moment a couple of weeks back, I'm certain that if she somehow prevailed in November, the far left of the Democratic Party would be firmly in her camp (even the bulk of the current progressives for Obama who're now demonizing the New York Senator).

With these points in mind, take a look at this FrontPageMag piece on Hillary's history of radical ties on the far left:

Integral to Hillary Clinton's triumph in the Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday, Jacob Laksin observed in FrontPage Magazine, was convincing Keystone State voters that she “understood the curious ways of more humble folk.” The former feminist liberationist, who channeled dead spirits, belittled those who “stayed home and baked cookies and had teas,” and labored to sue handgun manufacturers for daring to make the Second Amendment possible morphed herself into a gun-toting, whiskey-swilling church lady. Her reinvention as a redneck queen only went so far, though: she did tremendous damage by emphasizing Barack Obama’s ties to anti-American radicals Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. She has, in short, been lucky in her choice of opponents: a mature candidate would have thrown both under a bus at the first opportunity. Obama’s refusal to do so, likening one to his grandmother, has allowed Hillary to present herself as the voice of mainstream moderation.

She is no such thing.

Conservatives, amused at the once-invincible Obama finally facing tough questions, would be ill-served if they allow her to establish her new image as a plain vanilla moderate. From her crusading days in Wellsley College through her choice of minister during her eight years in the East Wing, Hillary has surrounded herself with a consortium of radicals that would make Obama blush (or rather, feel right at home).
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