Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama, Wright ... Everbody Under the Bus!

Barack Obama's thrown his "spiritual advisor" under the bus," which was a response to his "spirtual advisor" throwing him under the bus yesterday!

Betsy Newmark on today's developments, which saw Obama casting off his former paster quicker than lint on the lapels:

Barack Obama finally had his Sister Souljah moment to reject Jeremiah Wright and say that the rants that Wright gave yesterday do not represent the Wright he knew. Coincidentally, he just happened to come to that conclusion after Wright had taken a PR offensive that had put him back in the spotlight and started to do even more damage to the Obama campaign. I don't know how many people will buy all of Obama's outrage at this point. If he had had any doubts, he could have sat down and watched the DVD of Wright sermons sold in his own church. You know, just in case he'd never seen that side of Wright.

When this story started breaking weeks ago, there were places you could see those sermons or read transcripts of them. Even if Obama hadn't sat through the whole DVD, didn't he have anyone doing damage control in his campaign to see what the whole context was of those sermons and that, contrary to how Obama tried to portray them in his Philadelphia speech, these weren't snippets taken out of context but actually the entire point of those sermons.

I just find it hard to believe that Jeremiah Wright, in his late sixties, suddenly had a total personality change and start spewing forth these beliefs that he'd never before mentioned in Obama's hearing. If people don't believe Obama's claim that everything he heard yesterday was newly minted Wright (when we can all compare to the tapes of his past sermons) what does that do to Obama's self-portrayal of being a different kind of politician. If he seems dishonest on this question, it dents his whole shining armor.

And you notice how the thing that really seemed to have
ticked Obama off was Wright saying that Obama was just being a typical politician.

Yesterday Wright threw Obama under the bus. Today Obama is tossing Wright under a tractor-trailer. How soon before reporters find Wright and get his reaction?

And what does this do for Obama's argument that he doesn't need no stinkin' experience since he has such great judgment?
It's like Jonah Goldberg said this morning: Ya'll going to "need a bigger bus"!

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