Sunday, April 20, 2008

Left-Wing Admires Terrorists, Gingrich Claims

Newt Gingrich is appearing in a new advertising campaign for Al Gore's global warming initiative.

In writing about this yesterday, I cited a recent article which reported that the former House Speaker's adopting a centrist agenda for the post-Bush era: "
Gingrich, Onetime Bomb Thrower, Pushing a New Centrist Platform."

I have my doubts, of course, and I suggested that "Gingrich has a huge chasm to bridge in making himself over as a centrist."

It turns out that Gingrich's appearance on Sean Hannity's show on Friday proves my point. Gingrich is heard saying, the "left-wing kind of admires terrorists" (via

The title of this YouTube is "'Patriotic' Gingrich Smears America," which gives one an idea of the likely difficulty the Speaker'll face in creating a moderate makeover.

Note too, that while Gingrich is probably right - that is, large numbers of people on the left have a non-chalant attitude toward the terrorist threat, and many frankly agree outright with the inflammatory rhetoric of Jeremiah Wright - Gingrich was slammed for him remarks across the Barack-osphere, for example at the
Huffington Post.

This is faux outrage, of course. Just spend a little time reading over there - or at any of the other major left blogs - and you'll find Gingrich is not such and extremist after all. He might even be, well, centrist!!