Monday, August 11, 2008

No Antiwar Protests Against Russian Aggression in Georgia?

TigerHawk asks, "Where's the "anti-war" movement on the Russo-Georgia war?"

Well, as they say, "a picture's worth a thousand words":

President Bush

Here's TigerHawk's summary:

Of course, the Russians have no meaningful justification under international law, far less than the imperfect case the United States and its coalition built to justify regime change in Iraq.

That caused me to wonder, where are the anti-war groups?

Well, as of this morning, you can find no mention of the war on A.N.S.W.E.R.'s
home page. The group is addressing many other pressing matters, but apparently not the unremitting attack on Georgia. Code Pink? Nyet. Democracy Now!, which is a left-wing media group, has lots of news about American wars on its web page but nothing about Russia or Georgia. Nothing from the comrades at Peace Action. Stop the War Coalition? What war? You can search the home pages of left-wing groups until the cows come home and not find anything on the Russo-Georgia war.

C'mon guys, Human Rights Watch - to its credit - was
all over this on Saturday with a boilerplate press release (although you would not know it from the scant press coverage it received, neither Israel nor the United States being involved). The least you can do is copy that one.

So far, at least, it is safe to conclude that these organizations are not so much anti-war as they are anti-American and anti-Israeli. It is useful to clear that up. And, by the way, if they decide to organize massive anti-war rallies against Russia and belatedly reveal themselves as intellectually honest, I will be the first to say so.
As I noted in my previous essay, "Moral Clarity and the Crisis in Georgia ," a big crises like Russia's revanchism in the Caucasus call for unflinching resolve, without ideological blinders.

So what do we see around the leftosphere?

Well, we have, "
What a Convenient Little War for The Republicans," at the Huffington Post (I thought this piece was satire, but the huzzahs in the comments quickly snapped me out of it).

Firedoglake sees neocon total war designs, with the conflict being pushed by Robert Kagan, William Kristol, Robert Kagan, and Randy Scheuenemann (John McCain's national security advisor), "
Let’s Bring Back the Band."

And at Newshoggers, hands are being thrown up in disbelief at Democratic Party capitulation to alleged GOP war orchestration, "
Obama Turns More Hawkish On Georgia Conflict."

Yep, it's all a BushCo-McCain plot to
wag the dog just as Barack Obama's on an "exotic" celebrity vacation in Hawaii.

Photo Credit: Un-American Revolution, "
Bush Hitler Reference, Gotta Love The Irony."