Saturday, August 9, 2008

Obama Throws Kenya Under the Bus!

Barack Obama has thrown Kenya under the bus!

Gateway Pundit is breaking the news in the blogosphere that Barack Obama holds dual citizenship in the United States and Kenya:

Apparently, The One has two ... Obama has Kenyan citizenship as well as U.S. citizenship.
Why the secret?

Isn't Obama's country of origin a big deal, considering the controversies over his qualifications for office, as well as the allegations that he's a "Kenyan jihadist." Is there any connection to the release of Obama's controversial "certificate of birth" published at Daily Kos, of all places (no anti-Americanism there, eh?). Markos must be in on something ...

Gateway Pundit includes a link to the Rocky Mountain News, which notes that Obama:

Holds both American and Kenyan (since 1963) citizenship.
Barack Obama's thrown a lot of folks under the bus so far, including his former rival John Edwards, when he said this morning that Edwards won't be at the Democratic National Convention, due to the Rielle Hunter scandal.

But now he's thrown an entire Third World country under the bus. He really does need a bigger wagon!