Monday, August 25, 2008

The Revolution in Denver

Denver's anti-American, anti-Bush, anti-capitalist protests at the Democratic National Convention kicked off over the weekend, ahead of official party festivities.

Little Green Footballs has photos, and there's no doubt that this is one angry, Marxist revolutionary crowd.


The Denver Post has the background, and it looks likes the barricades are a bit undermanned:

Maybe it was too hot Sunday afternoon, or maybe they hadn't gotten warmed up yet, but the tens of thousands of demonstrators that protest organizers promised would march through Denver turned out to be tens of hundreds.

Demonstrations began early Sunday and kept up a steady beat of marching, sign waving — and tying up downtown traffic. But through most of it, protesters were vastly outnumbered by police and, occasionally, even by those who came downtown just to watch the spectacle.

Lt. Ron Saunier, a Denver Police Department spokesman, said the number of protesters that actually showed up was nowhere near what groups had told city officials to expect.

Recreate 68 had projected that as many as 25,000 or even 50,000 people would participate in activities this week. Instead, a group estimated by police at 1,000 to 1,200 participated in a Recreate 68 anti-war march Sunday morning, with a much smaller group parading up Colfax Avenue later in the day.
The protesters are not without television coverage, however, and this has amazingly generated some recriminations among the desperate netroots left:

When the news broke last week that the Clinton's formed a "whip team" to handle troublemakers, I immediately realized that any disturbance, no matter how insignificant, would be elevated to a top story. It's kind of like when there's an earthquake and all the helicopters swarm over a burning shack somewhere and people across America get the impression that all of California is engulfed in flames....

Naturally, FOX News is already leading the way by not just reporting that it's 1968 all over again, but
trying to actually stir up trouble for their broadcasts. But the rest of the media appears to be receiving the message perfectly. CNN is spending most of their time this morning talking about the attempts to "paper over" the big divisions in the party. MSNBC just ran a clip of Teddy Kennedy standing with Jimmy Carter in 1980 as NBC's David Brinkley cooed, "This is awkward."
Yep, everyone's out to sabotage the Democrats.

Yeah right ... who needs
Donald Segretti when International ANSWER's on hand outside the convention hall and Barack Hussein Obama's on the inside, with his machine bosses attacking Hillary Clinton supporters as "Uncle Tom"?

If the police end up having to break out
rifle butts and truncheons to control the radical riff-raff, Democrats voters might as well stay home on November 4.