Saturday, July 24, 2010

Anita MonCrief to File Federal Election Suit Against Obama Machine

At Emerging Corruption, "The Obama Donor List"

For a number of years traditional print media has been on life support, but after the revelations from Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller, it looks like someone finally pulled the plug. The expose on Journolist, a now defunct, listserv that included hundreds of liberal journalists, detailed:

  • the Journolisters’ attempt, during the 2008 presidential campaign to kill and bury stories about Obama’s relationship with “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright;
  • their push to deliberately smear innocent conservative journalists and politicos as “racists” and “bigots”
  • their twisted passion to see Rush Limbaugh killed off and dead;
  • their intolerant desire to have the government censor and shut down Fox News; and
  • their baldly partisan effort to coordinate liberal talking points that would discredit Sarah Palin and John McCain, while helping to elect Barack Obama president.

Considering that Journolist included journalists from Washington Post, the New York Times, National Public Radio, New Republic, and Time, one has to wonder if the biggest story covered up in 2008 was the illegal coordination between ACORN and the Obama campaign ...


And check the video at Big Government, "Breaking: Anita MonCrief to File FEC Charges Against Obama Administration."

Also, at No Sheeples Here!, "
BOMBSHELL: Has Released The Kraken On The White House."


Anonymous said...

BRAVO BRAVO!!! Here is another WARRIOR HERO, we have your back Anita. Where are the senior fellows of the GOP? Oh yea, they don't get it. Or they do and won't speak up. Oh some do and we are thankful little peasants. THAT'S THEIR JOB! where were they when they should of been defending Sarah? silence. That tells us a lot boys, it does. Well if they think we're just a fad that's going away, think again. The game changed a year ago if you hadn't noticed, and we are on a mission. So, if the GOP thinks she won't be put in that house on the hill, they better buck up, get your Depends out you may need them. We aren't happy, and the one thing that will change that is getting someone in there that KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING and at least likes us. Thank you Anita and may God guide you through this mess and you win :) PS: WE LOVE YOU ANDREW!!!!