Saturday, July 31, 2010

Howard Zinn's 'The People Speak'

Well, perhaps I'll get some Google traffic today with another post on Howard Zinn's Marxist education project, "The People's Speak."

And don't miss all the earlier coverage at Michelle's, e.g., "
“Social Justice” for grade-schoolers: The Howard Zinn Education Project." And previously, "FBI Releases 423 File on Communist Historian Howard Zinn."

RELATED: "FBI Files Reveal Historian Howard Zinn Lied to Hide CPUSA Membership."


dave in boca said...

I myself have blogged recently about Zinn's wildly left-wing interpretations of history [I have an M.A. in Modern European History from the U. of Mich}.

Useful idiots Josh Brolin and Matt Damon were planning on reading this CPUSA mole's tripe on the History Channel, a welcome relief from Hitler-based bad-guy histories. I guess the marxist History Channel might reconsider Zinn's book being read-out-loud by two illiterate Hollyweird flunkies? Or not.....