Thursday, July 29, 2010

Protesters Raise Mexican Flag Outside Phoenix Jailhouse

At The Hot Joints, "Mexican Flag Waving Protesters Gather Outside Arizona Jail":

See also, "Arizona immigration protesters hit the streets," and "Hundreds protest Ariz. immigration law in Phoenix."


Greywolfe said...

Yeah, saw that earlier. Also, like the Che flag that they were flying next to it.

Lets you know exactly where they're coming from, doesn't it?

Dennis said...

This is the kind of display I enjoy seeing. This demonstrates who they are and alienates almost everyone else.
When someone thinks they have a stick with which to beat upon every one, one needs to either take away that stick or turn it to one's benefit. It always helps when those who would wield that stick destroys their own ability to utilize it.
When one plays chess against an opponent that constantly uses the French Defense, example, then one has the ability to use that to move to checkmate every time. One makes their use of the same tactics into away to weaken and then utilize it against them. These are not intelligent people. They are mostly followers without the ability to think strategically on their own. Even the leaders are incapable of actual leadership outside the Marxist/Leninist box. Any deviation from the tenets of Alinsky and they are stymied.
It is one of the reasons I like this sort of display. Little mind numbed robots sticking to the plan. It is somewhat like listening to the same people calling others "racist" whenever they lack for a reasoned response or are required to defend their position. It becomes counter productive and even those who pay little attention to what happens around them figure it out.

Rusty Walker said...

Well said, Greywolfe and Dennis. And, their heroes, Che the bloody murderer who accomplished nothing but killing in the name of Marx.