Saturday, July 31, 2010

FBI Releases 423 Files on Communist Historian Howard Zinn

Great reading at Robert Stacy McCain's: "FBI Files Reveal Historian Howard Zinn Lied to Hide CPUSA Membership."

It's lengthy so just go over there and read the post.
Leftists are denying that the files prove Zinn was an active member of the Communist Party USA (pointing to Zinn's own denials). But McCain's sifting through the files carefully. Lots of clues, but this is especially noteworthy:


This might end up being big on Memeorandum today. And self-identified CPUSA member or not, Zinn's left-wing extremism has worked havoc on young minds for decades, and continues with the school indoctrination programs he left in place. See Michell's entry, "Hollywood & Howard Zinn’s Marxist Education Project."

DISCLOSURE: I attended a Howard Zinn lecture at Fresno State in the early '90s. My copy of A People's History is at the office.


dave in boca said...

Zinn was a sort of Johnny Appleseed for the Karl Marx kind of apple, and as my blog last December noted, found a very fertile ground among the useful idiots in Hollyweird.

I guess the "Bourne Identity" is really that of a double agent, not a rogue gone haywire!! Damon & Brolin are the kind of drop-outs [okay, Damon dropped out of Harvard] that typify the HALF-BAKED leftist pseudo-history that has JFK killed by the CIA or a right-wing fanatic [Oswald may have in reality been a Castro agent or one member of a KGB team]. Oliver Stone now has to APOLOGIZE for his empathy for Hitler & anti-Semitic rants, something a morbidly obese moron like Michael Moore will never have to do. Moore simply hates America, which should get him an honorary degree at any of a hundred universities in the USA.