Sunday, June 26, 2011

'Are You a Flake?' Chris Wallace Insults Michele Bachmann on Fox News Sunday

And Wallace handled Jon Stewart so well.

This is shameul.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Wallace has apologized but I'm going to look for the full interview and update.

Also at Legal Insurrection, "Chris Wallace Palinizes Michele Bachmann" (via Memeorandum). And Ed Morrissey, "Great moments in journalism: “Are you a flake?”"


Norm said...

He tried to trap her into saying "I'am not a flake" which could become the money quote anytime she might make any slight error in the future. I was absolutely floored by the question, and then my feelings immediately turned to anger against Wallace.

Roy Lofquist said...

This illustrates why Bachmann is not ready for prime time. Palin will answer these kind of questions the same way that Liz Cheney and Condoleeza Rice do.

"Chris, I am not going to respond to general, vague gotcha questions. I am not here to boost your ratings, I'm here to talk to the American people. If you would care to ask specific questions about the reasons they are saying these things I would be more than happy to answer them".

Of course it wouldn't be phrased that way. She has a rare talent that allows her to deflect these kinds of things with good humor. Reaganesque.

AmPowerBlog said...

I still need to update, Norm.

But Michele Bachmann's face was not pleased, and I think Wallace felt bad for asking the question.