Saturday, June 25, 2011

'Pure Feminist Evil' — Amanda Marcotte's Response to Thomas Ball's Courthouse Self-Immolation

She's constantly in the news!

See the "pure feminist evil" commentary at Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology, "Man Burns Himself To Death; Women Hardest Hit" (via Instapundit). Also at Snark, "Amanda Marcotte Weighs In On Thomas Ball." I think Amanda's comments are so vile that SHE may need a bodyguard, and that's saying something. (And I don't see her commenting on Twitter, which is telling.)


Read about the suicide at the Holden Daily, "Holden man sets himself ablaze in front of New Hampshire Courthouse," and Keene Sentinel, "Last statement sent to Sentinel from self-immolation victim."

And more, at In Mala Fide, "Fatwa of the Week: Keene Sentinel Whitewashes Tom Ball’s Suicide."

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Anonymous said...

She's reprehensible, that's for sure.

Wanted to add that there's another case out there, tho', that comes pretty close to this, only in reverse. Have you read Matt Taibbi
writing on Michelle Bachmann?

Another vicious person. Writing can be wonderful the way it opens us up to saying things we might feel are too sentimental or vulnerable to say in person. But, boy, it also bring out the worms, doesn't it?

To treat a suicidal man who carries through his plans in the most painful way possible in such a way makes her a...well, I hate the word, so I swon't use it. But I sometimes wish there was a word just as cutting for men who rip a woman to shreds for nothing but being a conservative female running for president.