Wednesday, June 29, 2011

VIDEO: 'What Liberal Women Don't Get About Liberal Men'

At Right Wing News, "Liberalism in 120 Seconds":

Kathy Shaidle blogs at Five Feet of Fury.


Dennis said...

This is why I keep saying that Liberal/Leftist women will be the first to submit to radical Islam. They are well on their way in that move to submit by agreeing with the gross misogamy that is their Leftist/ Liberal men.
They are so far along the trail to submission that they have not figured out that almost everything that L/L men say about conservative women applies to them. Do they really not realize that this kind of bigoted response is voiced because these so called men know they can get away with it and also gives them a chance to take "swipes" at L/L women as well.
What they allow to happen to other women will soon happen to them. I am amazed at how truly stupid L/L women are. They have allowed L/L men to take them for granted and to use them in ways that are not in their best interests.