Friday, October 7, 2011

David Frum Joining Asshat Erick Erickson as Political Analyst on CNN

Some of the responses to Sarah Palin's announcement this week were self-serving and beyond the pale, most spectacularly: David Frum and Erick Erickson.

Frum published an amazingly deranged attack on Sarah Palin, "Palin: Already Almost Forgotten." I'm not linking it, so check Legal Insurrection and Neo-Neocon for responses. And Legal Insurrection came back with a second response: "David Frum: Already Almost Forgotten."

Erick Erickson took to his blog Red State and Twitter to gloat about his predictions that Sarah Palin wouldn't be a candidate, in the process revealing himself as a petty little man and insecure wannabe conservative honcho. See here, here, and here, plus at Red State, "BREAKING NEWS: As I have been telling ALL OF YOU, Sarah Palin is not running." Legal Insurrection comments on Erickson as well:
At a moment when Erickson could have shown himself to be a mensch he showed himself to be a schmuck. And of course, managed to make it about him. As pointed out in the comments, he is asking “Can we all be friends now?” The answer is no.
So with all that I find it appropriate that David Frum's joining his fellow asshat as an election analyst on CNN:


Beyond this, others had strong opinions on Palin, for example, Jonathan Tobin at Commentary, "Palin's Path to Irrelevance." I disagree with Tobin on the reasoning and significance of Palin's resignation as Governor of Alaska. But in contrast to Frum and Erickson, Tobin's comments contribute to the debate rather than grandstand for attention. And of course, the classiest response was Charles Krauthammer's, "Palin Not Running Like 'Sun Rising In The East'."


Randy-g said...

Asshat a bit too kind...

Philippe Öhlund said...

Good work Donald! :-)

It's truly amazing how you blog and blog.

Don't worry if I don't post anything.

I heard Obama might be represented on nickel and dimes and one dollar bills.

Who knows, we might even see Jay Carney on five dollar bills?

AmPowerBlog said...

Well, Randy, I'm sure Erickson has some fans out there, but he's a jerk IMHO.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Philippe!

Adrienne said...

I've seen many bloggers who get a bit of traffic start to consider themselves smart. Ummmm - not always so! They need to look up the word "humility" (IMO)