Thursday, October 13, 2011

W. James Casper's Demonic Band of Progressive Totalitarians

I was notified of yet another round of workplace attacks at the college.

I don't yet know who's once again contacting my employer (I should know next week), but I've got a clue. It turns out that Captain Fogg left a comment at stalking hate-blogger W. James Casper's hell-hole, American Nihilist (check the comments at the top result):
I certainly don't participate in what anyone but you would call retaliation, but then I'm not as worried as you that I've stepped over the line of common decency. You in fact, have good reason for retrospection and introspection. At this point I worry for the public at large and for students taught by you. I think you sound dangerous. I almost expect to see you in some headline some day.

I have no problem with people being called to task for harm they might have done to others. As an educated man, you certainly can distinguish between justice and retaliation even if you're somehow unable to get any point across without behaving like a foul-mouthed and spoiled little boy with serious self-esteem and impulse control problems.

How this makes me improperly retaliative or dishonest in your eyes, is beyond me, but then I know more about electrical engineering than about abnormal psychology.

So do you think people need to know about how you express yourself or is someone "retaliating" for quoting you? You either stand behind your words or you have your nose rubbed in them. It's up to you.

Was it you who showed up out of the blue at The Impolitic raving about impotence and penises and stupidity and all that after a rather dry assessment of Mitt Romney? Seems odd that you could dare to accuse anybody of excess after that repetitive example of your obsessive and obscene program of hounding and punishing anyone who writes anything you disagree with. The only reason I'm here is that you were there.

Frankly I think you're so far beyond the bounds of responsible civilized behavior that some public light should be shed on it and you know it because you wouldn't be squirming and squealing about persecution if you didn't know damn well how inappropriate it is for a teacher of young people to be what you are. You've got a body of "work" out there and it speaks for itself and it doesn't speak well of you.
I'll know more later about this. Folks can read the whole comment thread at that top Google result. I have no idea what Fogg is talking about with "retaliation." But I can say that this is the new line of attack from W. James Casper's demonic band of progressive totalitarians. It's a variation on the old line: "Dr. Douglas has no business being in front of a classroom." And so in the progressive mind, this is reason enough to mount campaigns of libel and workplace harassment for the sole purpose of getting me fired. This was the attack of the atheists some time back, during the Elizabeth Edwards backlash. This was the same basic attack launched by Carl Salonen and one of the asshats at Lawyers, Guns and Money. And this has been W. James Casper's latest ploy to continue his hate campaign of sponsoring threats against my livelihood. Now it's not just that I'm conservative, but that I use salty language in responding to these assholes. Yep, they're assholes and dickwipes and I have no problem pointing it out. So now, yet again, we've got the same bunch of idiots down with the defecations on Wall Street screaming like stuck pigs and contacting my employer? Heaven forbid I used some profanity! Fire that man! He's a danger to the commons! Fogg mentions Libby Spencer's The Impolitic, where I commented last week. But those comments have been deleted, so there's no actual record of what Fogg's talking about. And that's it exactly: If someone disagrees with comment at a blog they can delete it, or they can moderate them in advance. But for stalking asshats like Casper and Fogg it's always about contacting my employer, and making libelous allegations. Notice above how Fogg claims I'm "dangerous." That would be perfect, wouldn't it, to allege that "Donald Douglas is a danger to his students and the college community, and he shouldn't be permitted anywhere near a classroom full of impressionable kids"?

I'll have more on this later.

I just love how classic this is. Every time these people attack they prove one more time just how demonic they are, just like the mob.

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BONUS: Hey Fogg, here's the link to the properly spelled "Muphry's Law," and you can thank your idiot hate-sponsor RACIST = REPSAC3 on the origins of your epic self-douche. BWAHAHAHA!!!!!

EXTRA: The only reference to "penises" I can think of would be "Captain Fogg Just Can't Go Long!" And that's a parody, protected by the First Amendment. But hey, progressive totalitarians hate free speech!!

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