Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Herman Cain Chief of Staff Accuses Rick Perry Campaign of Leaking Sexual Harassment Bombshell

Well, whoever dug the dirt has to be twisting his mustache with glee at this point. The Herman Cain campaign implosion has reached near-meltdown, and soon there won't be much left of it, and it's only Wednesday. Dan Riehl pulls no punches with the headline: "You Lie! Cain's House of Cards Collapses as He Tries to Blame Perry." And following the link takes us to Richard Miniter, "Cain Says Perry Camp Behind Sex Harassment Leak." And from Jonathan Karl, at ABC News, "Cain Adviser Accuses Perry Campaign of Leaking Harassment Story, Demands Apology."
The Cain story just took another bizarre turn.
That's for sure.

Check Memeorandum for all the links, and also Dan Collins, "What We Still Don’t Know About the Herman Cain Accusations." And at The Caucus, "Cain Faults Perry as More Allegations Emerge."