Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Newt Gingrich Could Win the GOP Nomination? Newt Gingrich!

Funny, but earlier I watched the Newt Gingrich interview with Piers Morgan on CNN: "What's wrong with America? Newt Gingrich says we 'got off on several wrong tracks'." Morgan was practically slobbering over the guy. As readers know, Gingrich is not my favorite. He's got the worst people skills, seriously. I can't imagine voting for him. But Gingrich is generating some attention as the accusations against Herman Cain take their toll. (And also amid the growing grassroots resistance to Mitt Romney's inevitability.)

See Dorothy Rabinowitz, "Why Gingrich Could Win."

Rabinowitz is enamored of Gingrich's wonkishness, and she sees Romney, Perry, and Gingrich as the top-tier candidates come January. That sounds reasonable, but forgive me if I'm not bowled over by the choices.

William Jacobson has more, "Fear of Newt on blog-team Romney."


Greywolfe said...

Good God forbid! Look, he's a very brilliant politician, but I don't think he is on the right side of principled conservatism. For one, he's lock step with the left where global warming is concerned, and I've yet to hear him back off of it even after the science was outed as being cooked up.

Until he's willing to do some back pedaling where global warming is concerned, I can't use him. That global warming crap is the biggest power grab that the government has going. It's the basis for all the EPA heavy-handed tactics currently beating our private sector to death. Not to mention how they are trying to use it as a method to further regulate our every day lives.

Bruce Hall said...

The problem with all politicians is politics. They have to pander to the rampant self-interests of many groups while dealing with egos as large as the White House.

If political worth were based on the ability to actually accomplish things in a rational and efficient manner that benefits the most and burdens the least, you'd be hard pressed to find more than a handful of politicians that actually measured up.

In the corporate world, you'll find leaders that deliver results; those that deliver results and are ethical; and those that deliver results, are ethical and humane, and have a clear and realistic vision based on experience and wisdom. I'd put someone like Ford Motor Company's Alan Mulally in the third category.

Who is his political counterpart?

Reliapundit said...


Maurice Sonnenwirth said...

Newt has said he does not support cap-and-trade.

He needs to jump on this chance and figure out how to work 2 things: Sound more conservative and then follow through on it and fight against corruption and crony capitalism. He has to start sounding like Palin on that. I think he CAN do those things. Yes, he's a politician and sometimes has been a typically asinine one, but he has he background and the knowledge for the job.

In a field of people who look adrift, or have huge strikes against them (Ron Paul occasionally does say something sane about economics, but then wants to ignore the Iranians and the jihadists and would sell Israel down the river...he claims to be a friend of Israel...he is no such thing), Gingrich is starting to look like...a leader.

I don't see that in the rest.

And that's what we must have. If Newt can go in that direction...yes, not just "wonk talk" but get people behind ideas and explain the real problems...he deserves a real chance here.