Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh My! Piers Morgan Stands Up to MSNBC's Racial Bombthrower Touré

I have some newfound respect for Piers Morgan. The background's at Mediaite, "Update: Piers Morgan Books MSNBC’s Touré In Real Time To Settle Twitter Feud," and "Piers Morgan And Touré Finish Their Twitter Feud On CNN’s Air."

This is ugly, and I'm not talkin' about Morgan:

And at Big Journalism, "Piers Morgan Gets Caught In Toure's Racial Crosshairs":
Poor Piers Morgan. One of his producers must have convinced him that liberal, race-baiter Toure' from rival network MSNBC would be a compelling guest to speak on the Trayvon Martin story.  Toure', after all, is feted and lionized by the intellectual left as an important and vibrant voice bringing a fresh and important new perspective to matters of race in America.

Instead, what Morgan got for extending a gracious invitation to an employee of his network's chief competitor was a petulant and churlish attack from an over-matched and hysterically intellectual lightweight...

It was classic Toure'.  The moment his position was challenged by Mr. Morgan he immediately castigated his inquisitor for the accident of his birthplace.  You see, Morgan was not born in America, so he not only can't understand race issues in America, he is, according to Toure' unqualified to adequately report on the Trayvon Martin case.  It must have been tough for Toure' to make the pivot from race to nation of origin as a means to answer a challenge from his intellectual superior.  The MSNBC analyst's standard mode of operation is to merely blame a person's skin color for the way they think about any given subject.  But in this case, Morgan's original sin is even more insidious than his race; it's the origin of his passport.

For his part, Morgan did a fine job maintaining a cool demeanor as Toure' condescendingly patronized him on his own show.  He rightly challenged Toure' for making sick jokes about the tragic killing on his Twitter feed and then questioned his journalistic integrity for irresponsibly proclaiming Zimmerman guilty of murder while questioning Morgan's ability to properly report the story.

Toure's response?  You're British, you don't get it.

It's yet another embarrassment for NBC News as they seem to surround themselves with race-baiting demagogues who demonize anyone who dares to not fully accept their myopic racial world view.
Also at Twitchy, "Touré targets Big Skittle."