Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spike Lee Apologizes After Placing Elderly Florida Couple's Lives in Danger

This part of the story keeps developing. See the Orlando Sentinel, "Elderly couple abandon their home after address is posted on Twitter as that of George Zimmerman." (At Memeorandum.)

The couple is interviewed at Fox News Tampa Bay, "Spike Lee re-tweet targets wrong home."

And now after the pressure of a week-long Twitter campaign, Lee has issued an apology: "Spike Lee apologizes over tweeting wrong address."

That's laudable, but without the outrage from conservatives on Twitter, it's doubtful Lee would have come clean. The director made no attempt to even address the issues during a lecture he gave last night at the College of William & Mary. See, "Trayvon Who? – Spike Lee Fails to 'Do the Right Thing' at William & Mary":
Spike Lee comes to Va. and misses an opportunity to offer his point-of-view on the biggest racial controversy of the year.