Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trayvon Martin Case Threatens Race War in America

Well, I can't recall this much racial recrimination since the O.J. Simpson trial.

See Jason at The Western Experience, "The Trayvon Martin Narrative Changes Suddenly: Witnesses Say Martin Beat Up Zimmerman Before Being Shot."

And William Jacobson, "Spike Lee didn’t “Do the right thing”" (via Memeorandum). (And see my post from yesterday, "Progressives Tweet George Zimmerman's Address, Issue Death Threats.")

But progressives have their meme, and they're sticking with it. See The New Yorker, "Emmett Till in Sanford":

The killing of Trayvon Martin nearly went down the memory hole. He had just turned seventeen when he was shot dead late last month in Sanford, Florida. His killer, a neighborhood-watch volunteer named George Zimmerman, was not even arrested. Zimmerman told the police that he had fired his nine-millimetre handgun in self-defense. The police actually knew better. They knew that Trayvon Martin had been unarmed. They knew that Zimmerman, who is twenty-eight, outweighed Martin by more than a hundred pounds. They knew, because Zimmerman had called them when he spotted a “black male” in a gated townhouse community, that Martin had been on foot while Zimmerman tracked him in his S.U.V., and that Zimmerman had ignored the police dispatcher’s request that he stop following Martin. And yet self-defense is a potent claim under a 2005 Florida law known as “Stand Your Ground.” “If we arrest, we open ourselves to a lawsuit,” said Sergeant Dave Morgenstern, of the Sanford Police Department, presumably unaware of how pitiful (and pitiless) that sounded. Zimmerman wasn’t even tested for drugs or alcohol. Those tests were conducted on Trayvon Martin’s body, after he was sent to the medical examiner as a John Doe.
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And at Los Angeles Times, "Florida killing raises questions about 'stand your ground' laws."

More tomorrow, if I'm not too tired. This was a big weekend with my family as it is, but this story is literally dominating everything else in the news.