Thursday, March 29, 2012

Up is Down: Republicans 'Politicizing' Treyvon Martin's Death?

This is frankly bizarre, given all that's been going down on this.

See Jeff Goldstein, "“Obama Campaign: Republicans ‘Politicizing’ Trayvon Martin’s Death”':

Yes. Republicans. It is they who are ‘politicizing’ Martin’s death — they who are organizing marches, they who are putting out bounties, they who are selling hoodies and t-shirts, they who have scheduled mock Congressional briefings, they who used the bully pulpit to call for a national soul-searching because we’re somehow collectively complicit in a young man being shot to death while beating a neighborhood watch captain in Florida. Republicans. It is they who have blamed violence on freedom fetishists, they who have sought to turn the case into a call for federal review of state gun laws, they who stood before the nation and noted that, had they a son, he would have looked like Trayvon, while failing to show any public concern over the death of Brian Terry. It is they who have taken a local case, turned it intentionally into a national story, stoked racial animus, and are trying to orchestrate a lynch mob from the halls of Congress – all while ignoring due process....
Up is down. Black is white. Malcolm is Martin.