Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bwahaha! British High Court Rules Against Glenn Greenwald's Criminal Mule David Miranda

Well, they're criminals, as I reported earlier, "Glenn Greenwald Launches 'The Intercept' in Pathetic Diversion Against Impending Criminal Charges of Fencing Stolen Intelligence."

See Telegraph UK, "David Miranda loses 'illegal detention' fight":
Partner of journalist who exposed secret information leaked by Edward Snowden was held for nine hours at Heathrow under anti-terror laws.

The partner of the journalist at the centre of the Edward Snowden spying leaks has lost his High Court challenge that he was detained unlawfully last year.

Brazilian David Miranda was held for nine hours at Heathrow airport last August under counter terror laws after police discovered some 58,000 documents from the Snowden leaks cache.

His partner, Glenn Greenwald, was the writer who exposed the secret information stolen by the CIA contractor Snowden and published in the Guardian newspaper.

The articles, revealing information on the US National Security Agency and the UK’s GCHQ, caused a political storm and led to accusations that the leaks had put national security at risk.

Mr Miranda was stopped on August 18 at Heathrow as he travelled from Germany to Brazil.

And be sure to check Louise Mensch's feed:

And of course, the pitiful groveling at Greenwald's, who some day, God willing, will rot in jail: