Friday, February 21, 2014

Leftist Hate Mail — Julia Boonstra Edition

Well, all that leftist civility bullshit went out the window a long time ago anyway.

Here's the latest Democrat leftist-collectivist two-minute hate:
Donald Douglas
to me

Hello Donald: Listen you God-damned, spineless, shit-spewing, clueless, misinforming, America fucking asshole and listen good. America deserves the truth not your baseless, nigger-hating, partisan, fact-challenged bullshit and disinformation. I refer specifically today to your Julie Boonstra propaganda and misinformation campaign.  If you can't talk and blog with truth and minimal intelligence maybe you should do something else for a shovel dog shit. Fuck you, fuck your kind and fuck your God damned incompetent, worthless parents for raising such a lying sack of shit as you. I hope I have the chance to spit in your God damned face, if not, I'll just wait and shit on your grave. Learn some respect for the truth before some nigger teaches it to you with a tire iron up your clueless ass. Fuck you for fucking this country you lying little shit.  Do America a great service - drop fucking dead, asshole.  You're nothing but a cancer on truth, intelligence and progress - you're existence is offensive to any real American.

Hate Mail photo ScreenShot2014-02-21at21615PM_zps0f5d622a.png

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