Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hi Donald Douglas: You Have a New Stalking Troll-Rights Follower Harasser @Repsac3 on Disqus

A few weeks back, fresh off Roy Edroso commenter Selwyn Hollis' workplace harassment, I received this notification from Disqus: "Repsac3 is now following you on Disqus."

Right. My stalking troll rights harasser --- no, my lying stalking troll rights harasser who lies constantly about his ghoulish obsession with me and this blog --- adjusted his Disqus settings to follow my every single comment posted to the Disqus system.

Nope, no sick obsession there. You see, Disqus lets users follow any commenter at the system through the dashboard settings. So, any and all comments I make, no matter where I make them, would be aggregated among Repsac's follows at the system. And why? Well, despite denying that he's sick psychopath intent to inflict harm, harassment and evil on his political enemies, Repsac3 was no doubt hoping to find some off-color comments by me to forward to my place of employment in one more pathetic attempt to have me fired. He's done it before with his sponsorship of workplace harassment at American Nihilist. So this is just one more episode of systematic and criminal workplace intimidation and political recrimination.

Recall, as Robert Stacy McCain wrote in January, "Portrait of a Stalker Troll: @Repsac3, Also Known as Walter James Casper III":

Troll-Rights Harasser Repsac3 photo c942833b-bdb0-4476-9426-fb7c429413f3_zpsb08082ce.png
Professor Donald Douglas has spent years fighting one particularly obsessed troll, Walter James Casper III, who might actually out-rank Bill Schmalfeldt in the Stalker Hall of Shame, because Casper has been cyberstalking Douglas for more than five years.

Among the significant characteristics of cyberstalkers is the disproportionality of their obsessions. Professor Douglas is not an academic celebrity or influential media personality. He’s a professor of political science at Long Beach City College in California. It is not as if he’s at Berkeley, Stanford, Columbia, Yale or some other big-money “prestige” school, and yet the fact that Professor Douglas is (a) conservative and (b) a blogger is sufficient to justify in Casper’s sick mind the most insane forms of stalking behavior.

Another characteristic of cyberstalkers is their resort to psychological projection: They are not obsessed with you — no! — you are obsessed with them, and don’t you dare accuse them of harassing you — of course not! — you are instead harassing them.

This kind of “accuse the accusers” tactic serves two purposes for the troll: First, it is a psychological rationalization by which he justifies his behavior and, second, it serves to obfuscate the situation in the eyes of law enforcement or other authorities.

Something else: The conflict between Casper and Professor Douglas is not about politics, nor is it about Professor Douglas.

That is to say, Casper’s espousal of left-wing political ideas is not the reason for his behavior, but simply a pretext, and if he weren’t harassing Professor Douglas, he’d be harassing some other target, selected more or less at random ... despite such clear evidence that no one else shares his obsession, Casper continues doing what he does, apparently with no other purpose except to annoy the target of his weird fixation.

Fish gotta swim. Birds gotta fly. Stalkers gotta stalk.
And remember, no one knows more about psychopathic leftist Internet trolls than Robert Stacy McCain. Don't miss his update yesterday on the Kimberlin lawsuit, "In Which @AceOfSpadesHQ Becomes a First Amendment Cause Célèbre."

In any case, as you can see with this deranged Disqus following situation, Repsac's still gotta stalk --- the f-king perverted homo-loving loser. Oh, and did I say Israel-loathing, Communist-loving, ObamaCare-shilling hack partisan dirtbag? Yeah, well that too. Walter James Casper III's got it bad --- which is why he's been ridiculed and repudiated across the entire conservative blogosphere. He's universally reviled, in fact. It's an impressive feat.

Oh, and and just in case Repsac's harassing you, here's this on blocking the f-ker on Disqus: "Disqus publicly launches its new private profiles feature," and "Making your activity private."

Fish gotta swim...