Saturday, February 22, 2014

Daily Kos Diarist Defends Venezuela's Socialist Strongman Maduro: Protests Orchestrated by 'Right-Wing Oligarchy'

From Ray Pensador, at the Commentocracy of Hate, "Venezuela: A Serious Threat to the Int'l Neo-Liberal Cartel Hegemony."

Okay, Marxist-Leninist much?

Via Liberty Unyielding, "Leading liberal web site claims protesters against violent socialist regime are U.S. puppets":

Daily Kos Venezuela photo ScreenShot2014-02-22at31943PM_zps7766db39.png

The Daily Kos blog is widely read and parroted by the Democratic base, to the point that I regularly read it to get a sense of what liberal legislators and liberal activists will be pushing in the weeks and months ahead. With attitudes like this, it’s no wonder the Obama administration has said little about the violence and repression in Venezuela. The President doesn’t want to offend his own political base.

Well, yeah.

Today's Democrats are the party of Fidel Castro and Occupy Wall Street.

Indeed, it's pretty hilarious that Venezuela's Maduro wants Obama to pull his chestnuts out of the fire: "After Telling Obama to Stay Out of Venezuela’s Problems, Maduro Asks Obama to Help Him." Hey, man, can you help out a fellow socialist dictator down here, bro? Thanks.

And remember, Markos Moulitsas considers Daily Kos, with all its diarists, as "the mainstream of the Democratic Party."