Friday, June 27, 2014

Bill Clinton Blames George W. Bush for #Obama Administration's Complete Capitulation to Global Jihad

Utter shameless political opportunism from the disgraced president whose own policy the George W. Bush administration implemented in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Once again, the left proves it will do anything to cling to power, even when all objective analyses see the current Middle East meltdown as the worst crisis in American national security since the Carter era.

At Pat Dollard's, "Bill Clinton Blames Bush for Return to Power of Al Qaeda in Iraq After Obama Recklessly Removed All U.S. Troops, Bases."

Also at WSJ, "Bill Clinton Calls Dick Cheney’s Attacks on Obama ‘Unseemly’."

And see National Review, "After Supporting War, Bill Clinton Now Blames Bush for Iraq."

BONUS: Dick Cheney responds, "Former Vice President Dick Cheney goes after Obama at energy trade show."