Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fouad Ajami Has Died

At the Wall Street Journal, "Fouad Ajami" (via Google):
Perhaps in part because he was an immigrant, Fouad was also more optimistic about American purposes than most of his academic colleagues. He supported the war in Iraq and refused to abandon the effort even when it would have been advantageous for his career. He appreciated American idealism even as he saw it run up against the cynical realities of the Arab world and radical Islam. He thus fulfilled one obligation of the public intellectual, which is to take responsibility for the consequences of his views. His elegant prose adorned our pages for 27 years and the world will miss his wisdom.
Also, "Fouad Ajami on America and the Arabs: Excerpts from the Middle Eastern scholar's work in the Journal over nearly 30 years."

I just blogged his WSJ Iraq essay the other day, "Obama's Rush for #Iraq Exit and Maliki's Autocratic Rule Ensured Much Hard-Won Progress Would Be Lost."

The press statement is here, "Statement by John Raisian, Director of the Hoover Institution, Stanford University."

Requiescat in pace.