Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Bottom Line on Mississippi's GOP Runoff Primary — #MSSen

Here's Jonathan Tobin, in all his usual perspicacity, "Contentions Will GOP Regret Torching Miss. Tea Party?":
Cochran’s ability to turn out black Democrats in huge numbers to offset his unpopularity among members of his own party in an open primary state could also be interpreted as a triumph for GOP outreach. For a party that desperately needs more minority support, some may argue that Cochran’s tactic of paying black political organizers to persuade hard-core Democrats to vote in a Republican primary is a sign that African-Americans can be enticed to support a GOP candidate under some circumstances.

While that is a rather dubious assumption, the bottom line about the Mississippi primary is that the Tea Party got out-organized, out-spent and outflanked by an incumbent. Cochran was able to use support from the party establishment, business, and local constituencies who were influenced by the senator’s ability to manipulate the federal budget. That bought him a win in a primary that should have been dominated by the highly motivated conservative activists who wanted to retire him.

But the general satisfaction among establishment Republicans today needs to be tempered by the knowledge that what Cochran did in Mississippi may hurt the party in ways they may not quite understand...
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Tobin's right to indicate that the establishment is burning its bridges to the conservative base, and perhaps irreparably.

On that, especially, see Erick Erickson, "The Marionettes Remain Uncut."

Yet, all of this overlooks the illegal nature of Cochran's win last night. Follow Charles C. Johnson for all the latest on this, and more. That's the bottom line: