Tuesday, June 24, 2014

State Sen. Chris McDaniel Won't Concede to Decrepit Race-Baiting Incumbent Thad Cochran — #MSSen

The GOP runoff election in Mississippi was a nail-biter by all accounts, and extremely fascinating to follow on Twitter in real time:

But in the end it's becoming increasingly clear that this was no normal come-from-behind win for the incumbent Thad Cochran:

Twitchy has the key tweets, "Miss. Senate primary: Pro Cochran ads accuse McDaniel, tea party of racism [pics, audio]."

I'd like to know how widespread were these smears. Alleged, racist flyers were distributed, robo-calls along the same lines were reported, and most of all is that wildly inflammatory and racist radio spot, which if true is absolutely mind-boggling for mud-slinging Machiavellianism.

We'll certainly know more about this tomorrow, because challenger Chris McDaniel refuses to concede.

Expect updates...