Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Flashback: 2010's 'Progressive' Obama-Democrat 'One Nation' March Was All About Communism

Follow-up to yesterday's post, "'The modern climate alarmism movement has been hijacked by the remnants of those who still adhere to the defunct tenets of revolutionary Marxism...'" As I noted there:
And keep in mind these people aren't fringe. They're mainstream leftists, the kind of whacked out weirdos who've ventured out time and again at all the progressive, Democrat Party protests since Obama took office. The loons are the mainstream of today's left, and they have no freakin' clue.
Yep, exactly.

Remember, back in 2010 and the March for Jobs, Justice, and Peace? Well, that event sponsored by all kinds of mainstream Democrat Party groups and Obama for America-style organizations. And no surprise, it turned out to be one big Marxist revolutionary loon-fest. Here, "Progressives March on Washington for 'One Nation Working Together' — Thousands Rally in Support of Socialist Agenda."

And just think, we're more screwed today than when Obama took office. Thanks loony-prog-commie-Democrat-revolutionary-dregs!