Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mark Zuckerberg's $10 Million San Francisco ''Fixer-Upper' Has Neighbors Pissed Off

Well, I'm sure he's telling 'em to suck it up, for the Masters of the Universe and all that.

At the San Francisco Chronicle, "Neighbors feeling squeezed by work on Mark Zuckerberg’s S.F. home":
Welcome to Fort Zuckerberg — the $10 million Dolores Heights “fixer-upper” that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have turned into a massive construction encampment that has some neighbors feeling under siege by the Facebook founder.

Their problem goes beyond the rash of “no parking” signs on 21st Street near Dolores Street that have kept them from parking outside their own homes these past 17 months.

Dozens of construction workers, using backhoes and jackhammers, are busy installing everything from a new kitchen to bathrooms and decks — and tearing up the sidewalks for new fiber-optic cables that will connect to the home.

And it’s all being overseen by round-the-clock security.

“This is nothing short of a fortress,” said one homeowner, who asked not to be named to avoid a public kerfuffle with the new Facebook neighbors.

Assessor’s records show that contractors for Zuckerberg and his wife, UCSF physician Priscilla Chan, have taken out no fewer than 10 permits for millions of dollars in construction work to the 1920s-era home — located just a block and a half from hipster central Dolores Park.

One permit lists a $65,000 remodel of the kitchen and six bathrooms — a figure that appeared to be so small that one real estate agent called it “a joke.”
Yeah, and I'm sure he's putting some illegal aliens to work as well, further pissing off the locals. Heh, even those San Fran progs have limits on their tolerance, especially as they get their NIMBYism on.