Saturday, September 27, 2014

#OKBeheading Suspect Screamed 'Islamic Phrases' During Attack, Posted #ISIS Hand-Sign Photos to Facebook, But Repsac3 Smears 'Right Wingers' for 'Bigotry'

Following-up from yesterday, "Wait for It! Repsac3 on #OKBeheading: Attacking Islam Just Because the Suspect Tried to Convert Coworkers is Racist!!"

No surprise, but Walter James Casper III is doubling-down on his ideological hatred:

Problem is, it's not "jumping to conclusions" when mainstream media sources report that the suspect screamed Islamic exhortations before the beheading (most likely "Allāhu Akbar!"). I mean, seriously. The suspect was proselytizing, according to coworkers. His actions were clearly religiously motivated:

And at the suspect's Facebook page, photos posted there express solidarity with the Islamic State, and then some:

So, no. No one's "jumping to conclusions." It's patently obvious that he murdered in the name of Islam.

Actually, it's Repsac3 who's a proven bigot and a racist --- something I've documented here for a long time. Walter James Casper is an epic hater and liar. His own tweets are self-refuting and utterly depraved, outside the bounds of basic decency. Man.