Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why is al-Nusra Front Being Relabeled as 'Khorasan'?

You know, who the f-k came up with this stupid terrorist moniker, "Khorasan"? These thugs are the al Nusra Front terrorists, a Syria-based off-shoot of al-Qaeda just a brutal as any out there. They've been in the news for years. Indeed, Clarissa Ward reported on "Khorasan" yesterday, and immediately reverted to the al-Nusra label for the bulk of her report.

It's like some Obama White House hacks started floating this idiotic "Khorason" label to scare the bejesus out of people, kinda like referring to the Sicilian mafia as "La Cosa Nostra": it just sound shadowy and sinister, although, of course, some halfway coherent bottom-dwellers would immediately recognize this group for who they are without the fascist leftist relabeling.

It's totally lame and completely unhelpful. But we've got Democrats doing PR in DC, so any half-addled dolt with a laptop can figure this stuff out.

In any case, here's the spooky report at WaPo, "Targeted by U.S. airstrikes: The secretive al-Qaeda cell was plotting an ‘imminent attack’."

CNN's Nic Robertson provides a pretty good breakdown at the clip:

More at this Ashleigh Banfield segment, "What is the Khorasan Group?"

And see especially, Thomas Jocelyn, at the Long War Journal, "US airstrikes target Al Nusrah Front, Islamic State in Syria."

Sill more, at BuzzFeed (via Memeorandum), "How 'Khorasan' Went From Nowhere to the Biggest Threat to the U.S."