Monday, February 23, 2015


The Laura Poitras documentary on Edward Snowden debuts tonight on HBO.

And I gotta say, it was pretty interesting seeing Glenn Greenwald on stage last night with an Oscar.

At LAT, "Oscars 2015: 'Citizenfour' wins for documentary feature." And at the New Yorker, "Why “Citizenfour” Deserved Its Oscar" (via Memeorandum).

And FWIW, at Reddit, "We are Edward Snowden, Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald from the Oscar-winning documentary CITIZENFOUR. AUAA."

No need to rehash my disagreements with Greenwald. Longtime readers know how I feel. I would remind folks of Louise Mensch's destruction of these hypocritical traitors from last year, "David Miranda – Snowden’s Mule, and physical data."

NPH wasn't joking last night when he joked about Snowden's "treason."