Friday, February 20, 2015

Obama Doubles Down on Refusal to Name Islamic Terrorism

O's moral equivalence is killing us.

At LAT, "At summit on extremism, Obama defends his semantic choices regarding Islam":
The ideology fueling the Islamic State appears to be a twisted version of centuries-old interpretations of the prophet Muhammad, he said, bearing little resemblance to contemporary Islam. The Obama administration should spend time understanding and articulating that, Glassman said.

But that is where he sees the administration as coming late to the game. Unlike Bush, Obama and his top officials have appeared uncomfortable setting up the fight against terrorism as a "war of ideas," Glassman said.

"The way President Bush put it was usually in terms of freedom and democracy. We need to stand up for those values, and democracy is for everybody," Glassman said. "I just don't hear that from this administration. I think there is a discomfort with the notion that our ideas are in some ways superior to other people's ideas and a discomfort with the notion of marshaling ideas and sending them into battle."
Amazing that these ideas are even allowed in print at the far-left Los Angeles Times. I mean, shoot, it's like Rudy Giuliani hit the nail on the head, or something.