Monday, February 16, 2015

Walking Paris as a Jew

From Paula Stern, at A Soldier's Mother, "Why Jews Don't Belong in France."

Also, "Are You Alone?":
As I rode the train to work this morning, I saw the first mention of an attack in front of a synagogue in Copenhagen...first report said two policemen were shot (arm and leg) and one civilian was injured. Then, it was clarified that he was shot in the head; then updated again to say that he had died. Soon it was announced that he was the guard outside a synagogue where inside Jewish families were celebrating the coming of age of a young man.

That child now man will forever live with the fact that the guard who stood before his family and friends, sacrificed all for...for...and that's where I get stuck.

Certainly, Dan Uzan is a hero today, as all our security guards here in Israel are. In the simplest terms, he sacrificed his life to save the lives of many others, including many children. Jews, like him. Unsuspecting that today a simple event would be turned into tragedy.

I don't want to take anything away from his sacrifice and yet, like the Jews who died in France, it is so wrong. Wrong place, wrong time, but most of all, in the wrong country...defending what should not need to be defended. There are lines you draw and lines you don't. If the human body cannot live on Mars, you don't go there - at least not to live. We all need home and so we defend it but if someone offers you something beyond home for which the price is too high, you don't buy it, you don't go there.

What is in Copenhagen? Paris? London? Madison, Wisconsin?

If they are desecrating graves with swastikas, beating Jews, taking hostages and murdering places that are not our own and cannot be is time to leave. I know it sounds so simple...but...did you ever consider the fact that it really might be?...
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